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About Us

Congratulations on choosing YOU and the start or continuation of your mental wealth journey. Thank you for considering the Choosing Empowerment Barrier Breaking Team to be your guide.

Our Mission

To provide mental and emotional wellness empowerment to the Black community as well as other highly disenfranchised communities who have limited access to services, by way of individual and group counseling, coaching, mentoring, skill-building, and resource provision.

  • Choosing Empowerment offers Education
  • Through Conversation
  • In order to develop Self Affirmation
    (positive self Image)
  • Hoping to be an Inspiration
  • That gives you Motivation
  • To use your gift of Creation
  • As you are Cause for Celebration

We're Here for YOU!

Choosing Empowerment was born to care for the marginalized and disenfranchised through barrier-breaking, high accountability, No Bull Sh!t Mental Health, and Wellness Services! Education, Motivation, Inspiration, Conversation, Affirmation, Celebration, and Creation through our Dedication to our community's Mental Wealth.

Cycle Breakers become Barrier Breakers who contribute the the creation of more Cycle Breakers!

Choosing Empowerment is an innovative Virtual Mental Wealth Resource Agency dedicated to serving Marginalized and Disenfranchised communities by breaking the barriers that stand in the way. We serve couples, families, groups, and individuals aged 5 and above. Our comprehensive range of services includes Psychotherapy, life coaching, skill building, Education, and access to valuable resources. We are committed to actively contributing to the healing and empowerment of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, foster/adoptive families, and formerly incarcerated communities.

Our goal: Help the people heal by any means necessary!

Changing the Way People View Mental Health and Therapy

  • Our agency plays a vital role in uplifting the African American community by providing specialized support and resources. We are also deeply invested in nurturing and guiding families involved in the Foster Care system, offering valuable assistance to former Adoptees as they navigate their unique journeys. Additionally, we are dedicated to empowering women of color, fortifying Black men and individuals who were formerly incarcerated, and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.

  • At Choosing Empowerment, we go beyond providing direct services. We have become a renowned training ground for Mental Health Professionals who are eager to work with our diverse population. Our agency offers an invaluable opportunity for matriculating professionals to gain hands-on experience and enhance their expertise.

  • One of the core pillars of our mission is to break down barriers that hinder marginalized and disenfranchised communities from seeking essential Mental Wellness services. Through educational initiatives and effective communication strategies, we strive to increase awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. By embracing virtual service delivery, we eliminate transportation and time barriers, ensuring convenient access for all. Additionally, our flexible payment options make quality mental health care more affordable, while simultaneously facilitating the training and professional growth of new therapists, thereby enhancing availability.

  • Choosing Empowerment is driven by the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to prioritize their mental well-being. Through our innovative virtual platform and comprehensive range of services, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals, families, and communities. Join us in our mission to empower and uplift those who need it most.

We stand in the Foundations that are the Power of Choice & Power of Healthy Relationship!

I was destined to disrupt patterns and pave the way for a safe, genuine, No Bullshit space dedicated to shattering barriers and empowering others to break free from the cycles that interfere with Mental Wealth. The art of counseling is a unique and invaluable gift, just like yours, and our dynamic team at Choosing Empowerment is deeply passionate about serving our community in non-traditional ways.

We understand that people want to be seen, heard, validated, and understood. People do not care what you know until they know that you care. Choosing Empowerment goes beyond the call of duty to serve our populations and anyone who can benefit from our No BS style of service delivery.

Our commitment to equitable access drives our enthusiasm to demolish stigmas through education, stomp financial barriers by accepting insurance and offering alternative financial options, eliminate logistic barriers by offering services virtually, and build healthy relationships with the community to ensure you have additional resources for continued growth.

Choose to have a great day!


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