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We break barriers
So you can break Cycles

With Wisdom, Growth is Infinite

Choosing Empowerment
was born to care for the marginalized and disenfranchised
through barrier-breaking, high accountability, No BullShit
Mental Health, and Wellness Services! 

The Barrierbreakers

Shawnnell Batiste, LPC

Founder and CEO

Brittany Muoneke, Intern

Clinical Mental Health Therapist in Training

I am Brittany, and I am currently an intern at Choosing Empowerment as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor in training. I am originally from Dallas, Texas but am residing in Austin after graduating from Texas State back in December of 2019 for Sociological Research and Psychology. As a CMHC in training, my goals include doing what I can to contribute to the environment and society we live in, in the most positive way when it comes to helping others focus on their mental health. I do what I do so that I can help others get on a lighter path to a less chaotic lifestyle, to my best ability.

I help out a non-profit organization by providing narrative therapy booklets under a therapist at a maximum-security prison and have been working at a mental health facility for at-risk youth since February 2019. Outside of my educational and career life, I do paintings and tattoo design commissions to take my personal break away from reality and eat my way through all of the Nigerian, Cajun and carb-filled cuisines that Austin has to offer. I’m excited to be with Choosing Empowerment where your growth too- can be infinite and fruitful.

I am Shawnnell Batiste, founder of Choosing Empowerment and Licensed Professional Counselor.  Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and raised between there and Shreveport, I am the oldest of 3 children. Raised by a single mother, in a city where the majority lives below the poverty line, I am no stranger to the effects of the environment on mental health. Also, as a Black Woman and member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I understand how difficult it can be to acknowledge that help is needed and even more to actually seek the help needed. 

This is why Choosing Empowerment was formed. I have always known that my purpose involved guiding and helping my community heal from the trauma that has long affected our mental and emotional wellbeing, thus creating cycles and cycles of maladaptive behaviors and persistent, consistent pain and anguish that we continue to pass from one generation to the next. 

WELL, The cycle STOPS HERE!!!

The Cycle STOPS with YOU and ME!! 

Let's do this!!

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