Choosing Empowerment Is Now
Virtual Only 

The greatest thing about tough times is that there is always a lesson. We can always find some good in what appears to be bad. During the tough Covid-19 period, we all had to make so many adjustments. The more we adjusted, the more we learned that Virtual Therapy allowed us to reach and help so many more people!! It has been such a success, we decided to keep it. Choosing Empowerment is now Virtual Therapy only.

Here are some important things to know about Virtual Therapy Services.

1. Virtual Therapists can only provide services in states where they are licensed (That's Texas and Louisiana for us).

2. Virtual therapy is NOT appropriate for some conditions and situations. (Serious Psychiatric Conditions or high crisis situations)

3. We all know how technology can sometimes fail to do what we want it to do. Be aware that this can also interfere with sessions. (lags in the video, echos, internet issues and don't forget security breaches and hackers). 

On the other end, there are many advantages:

1. Location, Location, Location. You get to stay where you are and just turn on the laptop, phone, or tablet. No traveling to get there or back home. 

2. Speaking of being at home, are you not more comfortable in your own environment? 

3. And now, most, if not all, insurance companies pay for virtual services (even if they didn't before our massive quarantine). 

We see it as a WIN-WIN!!

We get to break more barriers and you get more

cycle-breaking opportunities!!

Programs and Services



A 15-minute Zoom Video consultation during which we will chat about your needs and barriers to find the best way to start your journey to wellness. This also gives you an opportunity to see if you vibe with the therapist. Think of it as a Trailor (preview) for therapy.



A 50-minutes one-on-one Virtual session with a counselor through Video Chat, Phone or Secure Messenger


Image by Brooks Leibee


A 50-minute session with a counselor, designed specifically for couples, and since it is Virtual you do not need to physically be in the same space. 


Happy Couple


A 50-minute virtual session with a counselor designed for two or more members of a family unit. Together we create a plan specific to your family's needs and goals. 


See Counselor for Rate