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 Our Mission is to provide mental and emotional health/wellness empowerment to the community through individual and group counseling, mentoring, skill building and resource provision.

A Different Approach to Mental Health Services.

Choosing Empowerment is here for people from all walks of life. We make it our goal to serve those in the community who feel that therapy and counseling may be "out of reach". In short, with us, it's not. Choosing Empowerment will help you assess the barriers keeping you from self-care and mental health services and do what we can to assist you in overcoming them.  For example, if you cannot or prefer not to meet at your home you can meet in a therapeutic environment of choice. This means that if you are more comfortable outside, we'll meet you at the park! There are so many options! With Choosing Empowerment you could meet your therapist over coffee!


We pride ourselves in building a plan that is tailored to every client by ensuring that you feel your needs are being met. And when you smash your goals where here to help you set new ones!!  There is no end date on healing and we're here for you every step of the way. 

Not your average therapist.

Because everyone is different, Choosing Empowerment offers many different kinds of counseling and therapy services. 

Email: info@choosingempowerment.com

Phone: 612-405-2902

Fax: 512-543-1966

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If this is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1 or The Suicide Hotline.